Project Description
Universally useful XAML behaviors, styles, and value converters. Developed in C# for WPF, Silverlight, and WP7.

Also available through NuGet:


install-package itzben



Name Description WPF SL4 WP7
BindVisualStateBehavior Data bind an enumeration or string-valued property to a visual state. X X  
BitmapImageConverter Convert a string or Uri to a BitmapImage. X X X
CollapsedWhenNullConverter Convert an object reference to Visibility. Useful for details pane. X X X
EnumEqualsConverter Convert an enum to a boolean. and back Useful for radio buttons. X X X
SimpleTypeConverter Perform basic casting operations. X X X
StringFormatConverter Apply standard string.Format operations. X X X
UpdateOnTextChangedBehavior Emulate UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged in Silverlight.   X X
VisibleWhenEqualConverter Compare bound property to a constant to set Visibility. X X X
VisibleWhenFalseConverter Convert a boolean to Visibility. X X X
VisibleWhenTrueConverter Convert a boolean to Visibility. X X X
CollapsedWhenNull Apply this style to a container to collapse it when the DataContext is null. Useful for detail panes. X    

More details in Documentation.

Patches, please

This project is unfinished. If you have written a universally useful XAML resource, post it in the Issue Tracker. One of the moderators will commit it.

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